Quinta Do Passadouro Port 2000
Quinta do Passadouro Port 2000 [75cl] Portugal

Niepoort - one of the very smallest Port Wine shippers, has been owned and managed for five generations by one family with a reputation not just as one of the Douro`s greatest Port producers, but as one of the leading wine dynasties.

The Niepoort Way ~ Making truly great Port requires respect for the complex terroirs of the Douro Valley, and a passion for its ancient vineyards. From these tiny yields produce grapes of outstanding quality, from which Niepoort Ports are made. Dirk Niepoort remains one of the last great enthusiasts, and perhaps the leading practitioner, of treading the grapes and fermenting them on old granite lagares prior to their fortification and ageing.

Niepoort, whose respect for tradition and keen attention to detail produces a series of excellent wines at every level, can boast the most diverse portfolio of any Port shipper. Among these are……

Is a part of the Dirk Niepoort success story playing out in the Douro valley. Set in Vale de Mendiz, the estate was acquired by Dirk Niepoort and financial backer Dieter Bohrmann in 1991 and it continues to expand as its fine ports reach a wider market. Using traditional techniques combined with the attention to detail that marks out Dirk Niepoort as one the major players in Portuguese wine, Quinta do Passadouro produces great port
Niepoort Quinta do Passadouro 2000 92/100 US Wines & Spirits

Vintage Port is the highest on Niepoort`s list, with the Wine Spectator stating : “Niepoort has made some of the best Vintage Ports of the 20th century”

Quinta Do Passadouro Port 2000 [75cl]

Situated in the Pinhão Valley not far from Noval, Quinta Passadouro belongs to Dirk Niepoort and Dieter Bohnmann. Dirk's family has a long tradition of port production which began with the foundation of Niepoort in 1842. Well over a century later, Dirk and his father Relf are the fifth and fourth generations respectively to manage the business. Until recently, the company bought all its grapes from small growers but towards the end of the 1980s, Niepoort began to invest in their own quintas. In 1988 it purchased Nápoles, followed by Carril in 1989 and Quinta do Passadouro, an estate made up of four tiny quintas, in 1990. Niepoort is very traditional in its approach to making port. With most production farmed organically, the house avoids the use of pesticides and herbicides. While the presence of weeds may increase the strain on the vines resulting in less fruit, smaller yields invariably produce grapes of superior quality and concentration. As for the grape crushing, Dirk is a firm believer in the traditional method of 'treading' (by foot) and employs twice as many 'treaders' as the majority of producers in the region to extract maximum colour and flavour. The result is a smooth textured port full of remarkably long and fruity flavours. Wine Magazine in a recent tasting of 2000 vintage ports, wrote of this wine "Ripe, rich, fruity, balanced. There is chocolate on the palate and superb fruit, a nice grip and good acidity".