Niepoort Secundum 2001
Niepoort Secundum 2000 Portugal [75cl]

Niepoort created a second style of vintage port: “Secundum Vintage”. The Secundum’s intention is the creation of an approachable Vintage that offers immediate satisfaction yet keeping the balance to age for decades. If we compare the Niepoorts Vintage Port with classic music then Secundum would be like Mozart, young, charming, creative and tangible and the Vintage like Bach: intense, profound, complex and less accessible.

Niepoort Secundum 2000 93/100 US Wines & Spirits Niepoort - one of the very smallest Port Wine shippers, has been owned and managed for five generations by one family with a reputation not just as one of the Douro`s greatest Port producers, but as one of the leading wine dynasties. The Niepoort Way ~ Making truly great Port requires respect for the complex terroirs of the Douro Valley, and a passion for its ancient vineyards. From these tiny yields produce grapes of outstanding quality, from which Niepoort Ports are made. Dirk Niepoort remains one of the last great enthusiasts, and perhaps the leading practitioner, of treading the grapes and fermenting them on old granite lagares prior to their fortification and ageing. Niepoort, whose respect for tradition and keen attention to detail produces a series of excellent wines at every level, can boast the most diverse portfolio of any Port shipper. Among these are…… Vintage Port must be bottled within two years of the harvest date and be 100 per cent wine from that harvest. The magic of Vintage port is different in every phase: as a young wine it captures the youthful fruit characters, then after 20 years or more the effects of the slow bottle age integration are revealed and finally after many decades the spirit dominates the wine. Vintage Port is amazing in all the three phases. Maturation in the bottle is more reductive than cask ageing and the wine that results has a fruitiness and power which develops in the traditional ageing vessel, the classic, thick, black port bottle.