Yellowtail Chardonnay
Yellowtail Chardonnay 2018 [75cl) Australia

Lots of melons and peaches

Chardonnay when made in this fresh, leaner style is a lovely summery drink. Forget the flabby Chardonnay wines of yesteryear, this is the modern incarnation of the variety with plenty to enjoy in its youth. Melons, white peach and a hint of nutty complexity drive a soft textured palate but in the end it's just a wonderful drink. Anything but Chardonnay is a thing of the past!

Aroma:Cashew nuts, rockmelon and white peach.
Flavour:A rush of peach and melon is met by more of the nuttiness from the bouquet. This is a lithe, seamless white wine. Serve with roast quail, pork chops or salad Nicoise.

ll the wine [yellow tail] makes is instantly recognisable, both for its appearance and its personality. The following tasting note is designed to give you an insight into [yellow tail] Chardonnay. But, if you want to cut to the chase, it’s simple. Drink [yellow tail], enjoy it, share it, swill it. And, while it is seriously good wine, don’t get too serious about it.

REGION South Eastern Australia.

WINE [yellow tail] Chardonnay is made with grapes sourced from the highest quality vineyards. The fruit is gently pressed to retain maximum freshness and flavour. Free run juice is then cold fermented using specially selected yeast. Once fermentation is completed the wine is lightly oaked, clarified and bottled on the estate.

FLAVOUR [yellow tail] Chardonnay has a distinctive nose that leaps from the glass and displays a lovely tropical fruit aroma. The wine has a rich creamy finish while being silky smooth and easy to drink.

ENJOY [yellow tail] Chardonnay is created with a simple philosophy in mind, to make a great wine that everyone can enjoy, anytime, any place. Which is why we hate to tell you what to enjoy it with. If you really want some suggestions, this white wine is perfect for pairing with good friends and your favourite chicken salad.