Yellowtail Merlot
Yellowtail Merlot 2018 [75cl] Australia

"Smooth, velvety and rich"

If there were medals for easy drinking, Merlot would win gold. Ahh Merlot, how do you do it to us? Sometimes when you drink Merlot you could be excused for thinking you had a hole in your glass. Where did that wine go? Soft, fleshy with lots of ripe fruit flavour, this Merlot offers a plush, rich drink with plenty to enjoy through to the lingering, juicy finish.

Aroma:Classic Merlot aromatics with mocha, dark plums and Christmas cake fruit spice.
Flavour:Soft, juicy Merlot with dark plums again with chocolaty tannins and a long, fleshy finish. Serve with charred meats. Yup, this is the ultimate BBQ wine. It’s great with sausages, steak and marinated chicken.

The Grape
Classic Merlot is medium bodied with dusty tannins and lots of big, dark fruit flavour.