Yellowtail Shiraz/Cabernet
Yellowtail Shiraz-Cabernet 2014 [75cl] Australia

"Chunky, full throttle style"

A big red wine that flexes more muscle than a bodybuilder on gym day.
When Cabernet shakes hands with Shiraz it becomes more of an arm wrestle with a friendly outcome. Cabernet provides slippery texture, dark fruit flavours and a little herbal complexity while Shiraz lends its full bodied red fruits and spice. The resulting wine is larger than life, but not head exploding, and shows plenty of good drinking when young.

Aroma:Blackcurrants, herbal notes and dried fruits.
Flavour:Silky Cabernet with black forest fruits meets boldly flavoured red berry Shiraz. Full bodied with some slippery tannins and a long fleshy finish. Serve with a hearty Irish stew or a beef and Guinness pie.

The Grape
Shiraz and Cabernet are perfectly compatible, offering a full bodied, robust red wine perfect for cellaring.