Kings 'A Sticky End' Dessert Wine
The Kings A Sticky End 2017 [375ml]

Seventy-five percent of Marisco Vineyards volume is sold offshore through their two labels, The Ned and The Kings Series, which are distributed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Central Europe, Singapore, Australia, the United States and Canada. All their wines are produced in their state-of-the-art custom-built winery on their 260ha property in the Waihopai Valley. “Wine is romanticised too often and not given enough focus as an important primary sector industry. Like most of our agricultural products wine is a key export for New Zealand with sales worth about $1.09 billion annually. To maintain and grow this we’ve got to spend time in international markets, building our brands and cementing relationships,” says Marris.

Today Marisco Vineyards also announced a change to its distribution arrangements in Australia to align with the successful model they use in the UK—selling direct to large retailers with a focus on customised service across the trade. From 1 July they will no longer sell through Fine Wine Partners. There will be no change to distribution arrangements in New Zealand.

Marisco Vineyards crowned NZ Winery of the Year International Wine & Spirits Competition, UK