Ben Marco Pinot Noir
Ben Marco Pinot Noir 2013 [75cl] Argentina

Only a few short years ago it might have been difficult to envisage the emergence of 'serious' quality Pinot Noir from Mendoza. Excepting the handful of undeniably superb examples from further south in Patagonia, this is not a varietal that has fared particularly well in Argentina, until now!

Who else to up the ante, push the envelope, take the bull by the horns... but the inimitable Susana Balbo. Ever the innovator, one lovely and key detail here is that Susana has co-fermented 5% Viognier with these Pinot grapes, which are grown in Agrelo Oeste at around 900 masl.

It's ever so appealing on the nose, lovely wild red fruits and that wonderful touch of forest floor that you often get from really good Pinot, soft and deliciously supple on the palate but not plump or jammy as can sometimes be the case with South American examples; a very accomplished and sophisticated wine.