Primitivo di Manduria "Il TEO''
Primitivo di Manduria "Folle" [75cl] Italy

Still red wine, full bodied and intense, smooth and harmonious, balanced and well structured, with hints of berries intended and spicy, aged 12 months in barriques

Primitivo di Manduria "Il Folle" is a really great primitivo, created by the oenologist of the Farnese winery, on land owned by the winery in Puglia. The name "Pazzia" encapsulates its history; the protagonist is just Filippo Baccalaro, winemaker of Farnese, who visit a very old vines in a company property, was informed that the farm would be gone soon, destroyed because of low farm yield. Was enough a simple look for Filippo to exclaim "madness!" and, therefore, prevent the farm was lost. From that day on that strip of land that surrounds Sava has become a point of pride for Farnese, representing the fullness and complexity of the aromatic fruits of that territory. The Primitivo "Il Folle" is a wine that fully reflects the potential of Puglia and Sava in particular: a place where the earth is flat overlooking the sea, the fertility of the countryside and the proximity to the beaches of the Ionian coast make it an obligatory stop a gastronomic journey in South Italy. Thanks to these characteristics, "Il Folle" proves to be a wine of great aromatic richness and minerals, with great structure and body.