Muldoons Irish Whiskey Liqueur
Muldoons Irish Whiskey Liqueur [70cl] Ireland

A sweet and warming Irish whiskey Liqueur with flavours of butterscotch, caramel and citrus peel.

Although a liqueur, Muldoon is based on an old local recipe and made from quality Irish whiskey infused with traditional Irish flavours of toffee and hazelnut yet it’s still thin and ‘whiskey-like’ on the tongue with a warm but very smooth aftertaste.

It was described recently as “bottled luxury” in one Dublin bar while another suggested it was a “Crunchie in a glass!”.

Muldoon is also versatile with all the benefits of a cream liqueur but without any dairy (so no fat content). At 25% proof it can be enjoyed by itself, in a cocktail, as a hot whiskey or a Muldoon coffee.

Chefs have embraced it too and the results, both sweet and savoury, are making it popular in kitchens.

With its sweet warming notes there’s no doubt that Muldoon comes into its own in the Autumn-Winter months.

A Gold Medal Winner at 2014 Irish Whiskey Awards

25% Vol.