Woodstock Ruby Velvet
Woodstock Ruby Velvet Sparkling Shiraz 75cl The Dolcetto variety has a softness which lends itself to making sweet or “Dolce” style wines. The Lagrein grape has very dark colour and slight hue of blue which combined with Dolcetto gives a deep fizzy “ruby” colour. A small portion of Old Fortified adds complexity, age and richness to this fresh, bright sparkling wine. Although the dissolved carbon dioxide will keep this wine fresh for quite a few years, the fruit characters are best enjoyed in their youth. Deliberately made sweet with balancing tannin dryness to create that “velvet” texture . The Wine: Bright purple hue with attractive plum and red berry notes, the palate is generous, so and creamy with hints of raspberries and dark cherries. The terms “Cherry Cola” and “chocolate” are common descriptors too. The fruit acidity balances well the soft tannins leaving the palate with a clean finish. The length is supported by a touch of old fortified which leaves you asking for more. Our most popular wine in the Woodstock Cellar Door.